Struggling to reach your health or weight loss goals?  This structured support program provides you with the tools you need to articulate your vision, create and execute a goal plan, and get unlimited support.  This 8-week journey starts with a personalized nutrition plan and integrates many lifestyle improvement aspects along the way.  Improved health doesn’t come from a diet prescription, it comes from long-term lifestyle change and good health habits.  Let the Lifestyle Accelerator program get you started!

Program Outline

  1. Welcome
  2. Assessment Appointment
  3. Week 1 – Macronutrients
  4. Week 2 – Detox Diet and Water
  5. Week 3 – Micronutrients
  6. Week 4 – Caring for Your Gut
  7. Week 5 – Menu Planning
  8. Week 6 – Mindfulness
  9. Week 7 – Reading Labels
  10. Week 8 – Exercise and Movement
  11. Final Review Appointment


I am appreciating the new diet. I love that it is so inclusive of the whole person, emotional, physical and spiritual as well as the diet part. It makes me really think about all of me and focus on how all these affect each other.” – Pat



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