About Kari:

Kari is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition. With additional training specific to food sensitivities, she is also a Certified LEAP Therapist. Coupling education from the College of St. Benedict and Iowa State University with life experiences of first hand nutrition implications for herself, her family, and her clients, Kari helps people reach optimal states of health and function. She is diverse in the population she serves in that she provides individualized nutrition services for those with food sensitivities, chronic pain and disease, weight loss goals, athletic performance goals, and more.

Kari specializes in nutrition wellness using whole food therapies, supplements, and mind-body exercises for the health and healing of clients.  Nutrition plans are holistic and individualized. Your nutrition plan is developed through an initial comprehensive assessment.  Kari evaluates current health status and client health goals to determine the best nutrition approach.

Areas of expertise include:

– Mindful eating practices
– Family meal consulting
– Menu planning
– Reading and understanding nutrition labels
– Disease management and prevention
– Managing food sensitivities and intolerances



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