21 Healthy Habits for 2021

  1. Find movement in your every day:  choosing to stand at your desk while working or bundling up and taking a walk with your family or friend are easy options to get moving.
  2. Drink water throughout the day. A target goal for water intake should be half your weight in pounds in ounces.
  3. Attempt to eat a handful of plant-based meals a week.
  4. Get sun:  open the shades or get outdoors.
  5. Even during a pandemic, be sure to see your doctors when needed. It is important to keep up with your health and annual checkups.
  6. Try to find socialization at mealtimes or in other ways; it’s important to stay connected: cooking or having meals with family, friends, or coworkers are great options.
  7. Attempt new healthy cooking methods or recipes and adopt what you like into your weekly routine.
  8. Try to be more conscious of what you choose when you eat out or get takeout:  swap out a fried option for a raw or steamed vegetable, and/or choose white meat or fish over red meat.
  9. Try to eat a healthy breakfast:  overnight oats or fruit and low-fat yogurt are quick and simple for busy mornings.
  10. Pay attention to caffeine intake! Too much can affect your sleep.
  11. Pay attention to eating and hunger cues; eating sensibly when hungry will help you to avoid overeating.
  12. Try a week of diet journaling:  this can help you learn what your habits are and see if there is something in your routine you can change.
  13. Make mindful strides towards limiting alcohol consumption; these calories often are not taken into consideration.
  14. Enjoy sensible servings; be aware of what proper serving sizes look like.
  15. Spend time with your or someone else’s pet; they can help with anxiety and depression during difficult times
  16. Try a new craft with your kids or grandkids, an adult coloring book, or buying a set of watercolors and painting whatever you like.
  17. Start your day with self-affirmations. These affirmations make a person feel empowered and ready to accomplish tasks and goals.
  18. Practice gratitude:  maybe it’s for another person or for the food you have in your fridge.
  19. Get enough sleep.
  20. Pay someone a compliment or do a nice thing for them:  it is good to give selflessly.
  21. Practice good hygiene even when you may be spending a lot of time alone. This is important for your mental and physical health.


For more information or assistance with your specific nutrition needs, contact your health care provider or dietitian.

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