What’s all the Fuss about Fasting?


Fasting, the exercise of going prolonged periods of time without food, has been practiced in many cultures for centuries as a way to restore clear thinking and optimal body function, as well as connect with one’s spirituality. Lately, it’s been touted as the newest and best method for weight loss. There are many approaches to fasting. They can vary in

Your Prescriptions May Be Harming Your Nutritional Status


Nearly everyone takes a prescription medication at one time or another in their lifetime. Some medications manage acute conditions and others manage chronic disease symptoms. All medications, whether taken short or long term, have specific functions designed to eliminate or manage symptoms. Unfortunately, they also have some drawbacks that most people are unaware of:  every medication causes at least one

What the Health- I watched it, see what I thought about it

I admit.  I watched it. WHAT THE HEALTH I bet you’re dying to know what I think! Curiosity got me again. I’ve seen several documentaries that depict the disturbing nature of food production. We would be wise to be concerned. I agree with this author’s perspective that plant-based eating is better for our health, better for our environment, and better

Headache Relief

Life Before LEAP My name is Maddy, and I’m a 20-year-old college student studying public health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a very busy and engaged student, I am heavily involved with two campus organizations and two honor societies, I work 20-40 hours a week as a resident advisor for the housing department, and I

Got Raw Milk? Study and Results

PURPOSE:  This study was designed to evaluate health claims that consuming raw milk has better outcomes for growth and fertility rates than pasteurized milk. Read the complete study by Kari and classmate Lindsay CLICK HERE.