Americans have become increasingly aware of mental illness, and more people are seeking help. This is a good thing! Doctors can help with providing medication, and mental health therapists can help with life situations or past traumas that trigger anxiety and/or depression. But be aware that there are other types of interventions to use in junction with those therapies that center around gut healing which in turn supports brain and emotional function. It could mean that medication becomes optional or short-term.

Our favorite therapy for anxiety and depression at A to Zinc Nutrition is food therapy! We use the MRT® (Mediator Release Test) to help identify the foods that are causing you inflammation. It measures your immune response to 140 foods and 30 chemicals. Working with a Certified LEAP Therapist will help you identify the foods to eat, the foods to avoid, and the strategies to make your eating plan successful. Most patients feel 25-75% better in as little as 10 days just by eating their least inflammatory foods.

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