Jean’s LEAP Story: Knee Replacement Not Needed!

My Past

I’ve worked hard all my life growing up on a farm and playing sports in school, and because of it, my knees took a beating. Over the past several years, my knees began to feel swollen and painful. In more recent years, my knees were in pain all the time. I exercised daily, but it was difficult. I finally went to a surgeon to inquire about a knee replacement. Even though I thought I was a perfect candidate, he told me he wouldn’t do the surgery until I lost some weight.

I couldn’t believe it! How was I going to lose weight? I was already exercising daily and couldn’t do more; time and pain were both barriers. I tried cutting calories, but that didn’t work either. Then I remembered…

Several years ago, my daughter went through the LEAP Program due to headaches and it helped her tremendously. I was having headaches also, so I decided it was time to reach out to A to Zinc Nutrition for my own personal MRT testing and anti-inflammatory diet. I was very interested in finding out what foods I was sensitive to. At the very least, I wanted to get resolution for my headaches and make my life easier in that regard. I thought if I got other benefits like losing a little weight so I could get knee surgery, that would be great, but I wasn’t really counting on it.

My Leap…

Fortunately, my list of food sensitivities was very small, and I had many foods I could eat. In the first phase, I reacted to honeydew melon and had a mighty fine headache. I keep saying that someday I will try it again but haven’t gotten myself to do it yet as the headaches last about 24 hours and I get nausea. But once I quit eating melon and only ate my other foods in phase 1, I started to feel great. In fact, I experienced a 50% resolution in my symptoms in just 10 days!

I continued with the program through all the phases and only had a headache occasionally. I was able to figure out what foods triggered the headaches and then removed them from my food list. By the end of my program, I had an 80% improvement in symptoms. As I had hoped, I did lose weight even though that is not how the program is designed. The most amazing part was that my knees felt great!! I no longer needed the surgery I had wanted a few months prior. And with my daughter’s wedding coming up, I could really look forward to dancing!

Kari provided great support throughout all phases. If there was a food on my list that I didn’t particularly care for, Kari would find a replacement so that I was eating foods that I would continue to eat even after I completed the program.

My Present…

I appreciated that moving through the phases taught me to eat healthier. I felt better every day, which motivated me to keep going. Now, a year later, I do slide off the healthy slope once in a great while and I still love my sweets; however, having gone through LEAP, I know how to get back on track and recover quickly.

What is LEAP…

LEAP™ is an acronym for Lifestyle Eating and Performance. It is a protocol that specifically accompanies the MRT® (Mediator Release Test) for food sensitivities. The dietary management strategies used in the LEAP program are not the same as those found in other fad or elimination diets. The LEAP program is an individually tailored dietary wellness program designed to heal the gut and improve immune system function. The knowledge and skills learned through the LEAP process become an integral part of a person’s long-term eating and health management plan.

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