Jocelyn’s LEAP Story: Heartburn and Painful Digestion

Life Before LEAP…

My name is Jocelyn. Since my early twenties, I have struggled with digestion. I have no idea what happened at that time in my life to cause such painful digestion. Unfortunately, as time went on and after having two children, the issues became intolerable. I felt like I never had a day without gut pain.

Some days I had heartburn that ranged anywhere from mild to extreme. Other days I had IBS related symptoms. It was either one or the other. This was very difficult because I felt I was either spending a lot of time in the bathroom or feeling so miserable because of the burning in my stomach that I couldn’t do much of anything in life. I did try taking over-the-counter-medication, but it never fully resolved the issues and I still felt miserable most of the time.

I eventually heard through friends who had worked with Kari how using the LEAP program was a successful method for resolving their health and digestion complications. I thought about trying it for quite a while, and finally decided to make the call the day my husband expressed his feelings and concerns about my health. He wanted me to feel good; my gut pains were affecting our relationship and family life. I guess I hadn’t realized until then how my health impacted the people around me.

Starting LEAP…

I was both excited and nervous to start the LEAP process. I am not a picky eater so I knew I would be open to whatever foods I was given to start with. And I knew I would be adding foods with each phase eventually making the diet easier. Cutting out caffeine and all sugar right away was slightly difficult, but over time I adjusted.

Soon after I started, I could feel how much better my digestion was becoming and this really helped with any caffeine and sugar cravings. I also have always struggled with falling asleep and found it even more difficult in the beginning of this process. Kari was able to help me with finding the right magnesium supplement and soon after I was sleeping great!

As the phases progressed, my gut was feeling so much better. Not dealing with heartburn was the greatest outcome of all of this. I am now aware of the healthy foods I can eat to never experience these symptoms again and I will be forever grateful! My mood is entirely different; I am much happier and more positive now that I am no longer dealing with heartburn!

After LEAP…

Today I am thrilled to report that my painful digestion no longer controls my life. I have two adorable, active boys. Our family can do all kinds of things together like fishing, hiking, and spend time with extended family without feeling miserable.

When I sing in musical performances, my stage presence in strong and confident. Before LEAP, I wouldn’t eat all day prior to a performance because I didn’t know what would happen or how I would feel once I got on stage. That didn’t always work out well; performing on an empty stomach was challenging. Now, I eat a healthy meal and I feel great, and can sing to my heart’s desire!

What I learned through LEAP…

Since going on the LEAP program, I have learned so much about my body and how certain foods and eating habits affect me! If anyone is suffering daily with their health, I would say don’t waste another minute! It is SO amazing to feel good every day!!

What is LEAP…

LEAP™ is an acronym for Lifestyle Eating and Performance. It is a protocol that specifically accompanies the MRT® (Mediator Release Test) for food sensitivities. The dietary management strategies used in the LEAP program are not the same as those found in other fad or elimination diets. The LEAP program is an individually tailored dietary wellness program designed to heal the gut and improve immune system function. The knowledge and skills learned through the LEAP process become an integral part of a person’s long-term eating and health management plan.

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