JoyGenea’s LEAP Story: Pre-Diabetes and Crazy Diets!

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My doctor is in complete awe of my health and says so. My numbers are great: blood glucose, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. I am not on any medications. I rarely get colds or other illnesses, and my body heals quickly if I get injured. The better balance of nutrition supports my neurodiversity and has decreased my anxiety. Even my autoimmune disease is well managed.

When something is a little off, either mentally or physically, I have the knowledge to know how to support my body in healing and resources to reach out to when I need more help.

And even though I’m aging, and my body continues to change, I’m not stressed about my health and wellness like I was in the past. Working with A to Zinc Nutrition started out as a way to lower my blood sugar numbers. I did lower my blood glucose levels, but I also got so much more! I gained the freedom and education to take better care of myself and make amazing food choices that support my whole body. Most importantly, I feel great, and I can do all the things I want to do in my life with vitality, energy, and confidence!

The Past…

My numbers weren’t always so good. I was nearly 30 pounds over my best health weight. I have the neurodiversity of dyslexia and anxiety so the food I eat affects my brain. And, as I advanced closer to my 50th birthday, I was concerned enough about the direction my health was going that I decided to prioritize was my health. For the past 5 years, I placed my time, money, and effort on this focus above all others. I can only do one thing at time when making big changes, and I wanted to keep it simple. So, I started with diet.

I tried many crazy diets! They were all stressful and unsuccessful. I kept wondering why my willpower wasn’t enough. All the while, my numbers kept climbing. I wasn’t getting anywhere and realized I needed the help of an expert. I knew the best option for me was A to Zinc Nutrition.

Taking the Leap…

Two of my girlfriends, who each had their own health issues, and I signed up with A to Zinc Nutrition to change our health and our eating. We had our MRT blood tests done, and we were so surprised by the results. Turns out that we are all different and the foods that work for one person don’t always work for another. Without the test, how would we have known?

We took our results, got our starter food list and well…I should explain something here. I am a busy business owner who does not like cook and is not good at it. I am married and my significant other doesn’t like to cook and owns a business as well. We don’t have the time to spend hours cooking. I was concerned about how this process was going to work. I already had many prior failed attempts at dieting. After some time, I surrendered to the LEAP process. I let go of the old way of thinking and started over with how I see and use food.

I want to be really clear that when I officially started this program, my friends and I had been talking about this and working up to it for months. I had piles of anxiety around cooking, prepping and starving to death in this process. It did not matter how many times Kari told me I was going to have plenty of food to eat, my mind just could not wrap itself around that idea. When I looked at the list of ten foods, I thought she was crazy, but I trusted her and did it anyway. Kari was so right. Within a week, I had a little system, I had lots of food prepped and ready, or frozen and ready. I did not starve in any way. Within a month, shopping became easier, and I knew to take time on the weekend to get my food schedule in order for the week.

Having a good routine wasn’t the only thing I gained after that first week – I felt great! I learned that willpower would never have been enough. I didn’t need willpower, I just had to give my body the foods and nutrients it needed specific to me. The program and process were self-motivating. With the right resources, my body can do amazing things! I felt so good, I wanted to keep going.

As of this writing, I have lost all 30 extra pounds and continue to lose without even trying. I’m not doing anything crazy. It is clear to me that my body is at peace and my metabolism is firing on all cylinders; I am eating foods that are right for me.

One of the greatest health benefits was finding out what I didn’t have. Many members of my family have a thyroid disorder. I was showing the signs of having it too, but when my doctors tested me my numbers were good. We were all a little puzzled and I felt I was on the edge of being diagnosed with thyroid disease. Looking back, it seems that my thyroid numbers were off because my blood sugar numbers and my weight were off. I don’t have thyroid symptoms anymore and I am so relieved.

The LEAP process works. Kari has a ton of good resources. She stayed in contact with us and we reported any changes as they happened. That helped us to catch any reactions early on. Her responses to our questions were timely and easy to understand. Initially, Kari did not know anything about my autoimmune disorder, and she did a bunch of research and we were able to create a natural plan for keeping it calm and making sure to not give it reasons to react and flare up.

The Future…

. . . I am never going to “diet” again! For me, that is the most insane insult to my body and brain. I now have a long list of foods that my body loves, and I have the process to continue adding foods as desired. I have a clear list of foods to avoid – the foods that cause inflammation and pain when I eat them. I can eat and enjoy foods with more freedom now that I ever have.

I plan to continue using my meal prep system; it’s already in my schedule and works. My perspective and understanding of food shifted significally and am no longer tempted to eat food that cause me harm. I love feeling good and plan to maintain good health!

Why the LEAP program?

When people ask me what changed in the last year. I tell them about A to Zinc Nutrition and encourage them to take charge of their health. What changed? I feel empowered about my health and wellness. It feels amazing and I have A to Zinc Nutrition and Kari Collett to thank for that.

Do not suffer with the pain that no one can explain and think that that is OK. You deserve better and working with A to Zinc is worth and money. Take a chance on yourself and the A to Zinc Nutrition proven process.

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