There are many factors to consider when choosing the right plan for you. It’s important to evaluate health history, potential barriers, and life goals. The experts at A to Zinc Nutrition will listen carefully and provide a customized plan tailored to your unique needs.

Health Optimizer Basic

The most fundamental package offered by A to Zinc Nutrition, Health Optimizer Basic, is for anyone experiencing chronic pain or symptoms.  This program includes the MRT® food sensitivity test and a comprehensive micronutrient test.

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Health Optimizer Gut

Ultimately, the gut is where everything starts! If you have digestion complications, this package is perfect for you. We can learn more about the trillions of microorganisms in your gut including both “good and bad” bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeast, and more. Understanding your gut biome provides additional resolution for obtaining optimal gut health.

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Health Optimizer Ultimate

This comprehensive package features of all the A to Zinc Nutrition tests and services bundled into one program. It provides deeper understanding of your health and longer support from our nutrition staff.

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To determine which plan is right for you, schedule your free consult today!


When you suffer from chronic pain or illness, you may feel like you’re running out of options to ease your struggles. You may have tried some standard diets to free yourself of health concerns but to no avail. That’s why we, A to Zinc Nutrition, will work with you to develop nutrition programs that are perfect for your needs and health goals.

We offer our services to residents in and around St. Cloud, MN, and work to create nutritional programs that are specific to each individual. Take charge of your health today by scheduling your consultation, and you’ll soon begin to feel the results of our programs.

Our Nutritional Programs

You may notice a particular health ailment causing you undue stress or pain, and you may or may not be able to identify the cause. When you book your consultation with us, we will help you discover what exactly is ailing you. We’ll also run a few tests, if necessary, during your evaluation, so we can get to the root of the issue.

Once we have a good idea of what your symptoms are and the cause of your ailment, our team will work to create a personalized health and nutritional program so that you can begin to feel like yourself again. Even if you don’t have anything bothering you but want to take control of your health, we’ll design nutrition programs tailored to your health goals.

If you have more questions, visit our FAQ page or get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started on your health journey.

If you are having any health problems, you may consider visiting doctors and having tests done to determine the root of the issues. However, sometimes the tests come back normal and doctors are not able to find any problems.

A to Zinc Nutrition in St. Cloud, MN, can help you with our nutrition programs. We work with you to address the problems that you are facing in order to realign your diet and help you heal. Read on to learn more about our nutrition plans and some problems that they can address.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Gastrointestinal issues are a common complaint that people visit their doctors for. Doctors may suggest further testing such as a colonoscopy, allergy testing, or removing certain foods from your diet. However, this often just treats the symptoms rather than addressing the root problem.

At A to Zinc Nutrition, our nutritional programs can help you heal your gut rather than introducing medications, surgeries, or other measures to treat your gastrointestinal problems.

Energy Problems

Another common problem that people face is fatigue or exhaustion. If you rarely feel rested and struggle to have energy throughout the day, you may suspect something is wrong with your thyroid or other hormonal factors. However, food is the main fuel for your body, and you need to give yourself the nutrients needed to function well.

At A to Zinc Nutrition, we can help you find foods that give you energy. We will look at other factors like your exercise and sleep patterns, as well as your current diet, to determine the nutrients that are missing. Then we’ll help you incorporate them into your diet to improve your energy throughout the day and help you sleep well at night.

For more information, contact A to Zinc Nutrition by calling 320-310-7211. You can also fill out our online symptom checker to learn more about your health and receive tips to better treat your conditions.

Nutrition Health Check

Take a nutrition health check and see your results.

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