Osteoporosis is Inflammation in the Bones

With so many of A to Zinc Nutrition’s patients being near or in the phase of their lives where osteoporosis is a concern, we get a lot of questions. Understandably; it’s a scary disease. It causes people to become fearful of falling and breaking a bone as it means a long and difficult recovery or, in cases where a person is very fragile, it can mean death. While fear is constructive to a point in protecting oneself, sometimes fear can become too limiting and inhibits people from living a full life. Good information can help alleviate the fear while also offering sound medical and lifestyle management advice.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become fragile as a result of systemic and chronic inflammation, deficiencies in vitamins or minerals, lack of weight bearing exercise, and hormone changes. Let’s talk about each of these individually.

Eating a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet can help with addressing inflammation and nutrient deficiencies. But how does a person know what those are? At A to Zinc Nutrition, we’re fans of using the MRT food sensitivity and SpectraCell Micronutrient tests to give us data on foods unique to each person’s immune system and specific nutrient deficiencies. The LEAP process is the coaching that accompanies the tests from an expert that can assure your success.

For safe and effective weight bearing exercises, we encourage all to connect with The Perfect Fit. They are the experts in designing individual programs. It’s not really a good idea to embark on an exercise routine without guidance due to the risk of injury. If an injury occurs, it could mean even less opportunity to exercise! Hormone management is also out of the scope of what A to Zinc experts can manage. While we don’t have specific referrals, be sure to do adequate research.

But what if all that isn’t enough? Some patients that have been through the programs at A to Zinc Nutrition have had fantastic results as evidenced by improvement in their DEXA scans! Others have had partial success related to various factors. Here are some additional resources that may be of great value in addition to good nutrition and exercise:

  • Vibration Therapy: this is a great option because it increases bone density without any potentially harmful exercises or medications! But be careful about obtaining the right frequency of vibration. We trust Home Spinal Rehab and the extensive research they have done to determine those frequencies.
  • Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide: this is a great book that goes into easy-to-understand depth about bone formation, break-down, bone density testing, medications, supplements, and more. This biggest misinformation in the history of bone health is that a person needs dairy products and a calcium supplement for healthy bones! Yikes.
  • DNA Testing: many people are at a genetic predisposition to low bone density based on gene SNPs. Be watching for more information to come on this through A to Zinc Nutrition as we expand our services. Again, it’s another source that affirms that calcium supplements and pasteurized dairy products aren’t bone friendly!


To learn more about your unique dietary recommendations to manage osteoporosis, contact A to Zinc Nutrition.

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