Do migraines, IBS, or other chronic symptoms control your life?  Take control of your symptoms and get your life back without all the frustrating guess work.  This comprehensive program gives you precise blood tests, clinical assessment, and specific life coaching to get the results you desire.

Food Sensitivities

Sensitivities to the foods we eat can cause inflammation and leaky gut that often lead to headaches, GI distress, fatigue, and much more.  The challenge is in finding the foods that are causing your symptoms.  Typical anti-inflammatory foods may actually be the cause of your symptoms.  Furthermore, symptoms can show up a few hours or a few days after a food has been eaten making it difficult to identify which foods to eliminate.  Using the Mediator Release Test (MRT), the leading food sensitivity test, will help you identify which foods will help you reduce inflammation quickly and easily.

Following the LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) process that combines MRT® results with clinical expertise gives the best outlook for patient understanding of foods and inflammation, and creating a personalized eating plan.  Laying the foundation for success and healing, most people experience 25-75% improvement in symptoms in just 7-10 days.

Read one client’s story of success: 30-Day Migraine Results


Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and more are nutrients needed in small amounts (hence the term micronutrients). However, just because they are needed only in small amounts, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Micronutrient status is one critical piece of your overall health picture. Deficiencies are more common than we realize and have the potential to lead to chronic disease and illness affecting quality of life over time. Micronutrient testing, provided through SpectraCell, offers the most comprehensive nutrient analysis by measuring micronutrients at the cellular level. Paired with dietary counseling, you’re better able to understand the results getting you on the path to the right foods and supplements to correct your deficiencies.

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