Many of my clients have life changing results and they can’t help but share that success with others.  These are just a small portion of stories and case studies from my clients.


Story about Maddy: She is a 20-year-old college student studying public health at…When I first moved to college my first year, I was on a meal plan, but I realized pretty quickly that the oily, over-salted veggies and deep fried everything in the dining hall wasn’t really to my taste…I would strongly encourage anyone suffering health complications to give LEAP a try.

Maddy's Story

Story about Kristina: My headaches started in high school. My junior and the first part of my senior year were mostly spent in bed…After two weeks, I started feeling better, having less headaches, and could actually stay in school. After six months, my headaches were gone…I highly recommend this program for anyone that has any kind of chronic pain, but especially headaches.

Kristina's Story

Story about Lisa: I began experiencing chronic pain in my shoulder, ribs, and hip. I had countless appointments with doctors, orthopedic physicians, physiatrists and could not resolve the pain. I took medications, nerve injections, but they provided short term relief. After 8 days on LEAP, I found my inflammation and pain drop dramatically…I would strongly encourage anyone suffering from autoimmune thyroid problems or chronic pain to give LEAP a try.

Lisa's Story

Story about Cassey The pain and bloating in my stomach started in middle school. The older I got, the more constant and persistent the pain got. My stomach always hurt.…I would strongly encourage anyone suffering stomach pain to give LEAP a try.

Cassey's Story

Case Studies

November 2016 30-Day Evaluation of Patient Having Migraines Since 6th Grade
Patient Summary: The patient is a 21 year old female with developmental disabilities still living with her parents.
Main Health Concerns and LEAP Goals:
The patient’s main concerns are migraine and other headaches and their associated side effects: anxiety, depression, insomnia, and irritability. Her LEAP goal is to minimize or eliminate migraines and other headaches.
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